Our mission at Liddell Construction Supply & Rentals is to serve the needs of professional customers in the construction and industrial trades. No matter what problem you face on a construction or repair project we will provide a comprehensive solution. We have an anchoring and fastening solution for you whether you’re working with steel, plaster, drywall, wood, brick, or concrete.

Our Anchor Bolt inventory includes:

Tie rods

Straight Anchor Bolts

90-bent Anchor Bolts

Eye Bolts

Round U-Bolt

Square U-Bolt

Round hook Bolt

Square Hook Bolt

And much more...

Anchor bolts, also known as concrete anchors, act as connectors and fasteners to attach a structure or object to concrete. Anchor bolts can be used in projects like providing supports on vertical walls, hanging pipes from roofs, and more.

Liddell Construction Supply & Rentals provides an extensive anchor selection:

  • Bent Anchor Bolts have an L-shape for added anchoring power.
  • Sleeve Anchors expand for a secure fit in concrete or brick.
  • Wedge Anchors also attach objects to concrete by inserting into pre-drilled holes and expanding for a permanent anchor.
  • Drop-in anchors are flush with the concrete surface and often used to support handrails, lighting fixtures, piping, and more.
  • Shear Connectors and Concrete Anchors create a strong connection between two objects making them operate as one piece.
  • Bolt Anchors have a threaded shaft exposed above the concrete surface for attaching a structure or object to the concrete.

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