Rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a steel bar that is commonly used for concrete reinforcement. Reinforcing concrete with steel allows the concrete to carry significantly more tensile loads and preserves the hard work that goes into the construction. Concrete that is reinforced with rebar can take many forms and finishes making it a valuable material not only for concrete contractors but for architects and designers.

In the manufacturing of steel rebar, a variety of metals including iron is hot rolled to have an exterior texture that binds well to the concrete. The combination of concrete and steel provides a low-cost, high speed, and efficient material that can maintain excellent structural integrity over a long period with relatively little maintenance.

Liddell Construction Supply & Rentals stock a wide variety of rebar sizes in domestic grade 60. Grade 60 rebar is best suited for medium to heavy-duty concrete reinforcement applications in commercial, residential, and industrial projects. This grade enhances concrete to bear the weight of at least 60,000 pounds per square inch under normal conditions.

We also carry remesh, or wire rebar mesh, that can be used on small concrete pads like sidewalks that don't receive extremely high tensile stress.

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