Plastic sheeting is a workhorse for a variety of projects in the Construction, Industrial and Agricultural Industries. Liddell Construction Supply & Rentals carries the best selling plastic sheeting for your professional construction, landscaping, or DIY project.

Our Plastic/Poly Sheeting inventory includes:

Visqueen in 2-10 mil

BLACK plastic sheeting is available in 6-8 mil

Sizes include: 4’ x 200’ and 20’ x 100’ depending on thickness

Yellow Guard vapor barrier sheeting:

15 mil, 14’ x 140’

Among the many uses for Plastic/Poly Sheeting include:

Temporary tarp

Drop cloth

Concrete covering as it sets

Ground covering applied before stones or mulch to prevent weed growth

Condensation barrier inside walls

Ground cover and vapor barrier in crawl spaces

Under slab vapor barrier for basement floors, concrete or dirt

Shelters or temporary protection

Coverings for outdoor equipment, wood piles, furniture

Waterproofing ponds, lakes, canals

Recreational uses such as ice skating rinks and Slip & Slides

Rain Collection

Closing off rooms for remodeling

Abatement work for lead paint

Protecting flooring, carpeting, counters, tubs, etc.

Wondering if we have the right size Plastic Sheeting for your project?